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St Francis Bay Accommodation – Browse Online For Your St Francis Bay Self Catering, Bed and Breakfast Accommodation – St Francis Bay Budget Family Holiday Accommodation

The unique and upmarket seaside town of St Francis Bay with its extensive man made canal system is a hidden paradise on South African’s Sunshine Coast with all year round accommodation. This seaside town St Francis Bay situated is midway between Tsitsikamma and Port Elizabeth, offering a unique escape from the rut of daily life in a haven of peace, tranquillity and unique accommodation in the St Francis Canals.

St Francis Bay Budget Family Holiday AccommodationOnce you experience this unique lifestyle St Francis Bay Budget Family Holiday Accommodation will become a precious memory for your St Francis Bay Budget Family Holiday Accommodation. St Francis Bay has also become popular over the December Holiday period and hosts one of the largest New Years eve parties in South Africa at the ruins, accommodation for St Francis New Years is however sought after and needs to be booked well in advance.

Main beach and Anne’s are perfection for most family holidays, offering oyster diving and various water sports. The local chokka (squid) boats are also normally seen in the bay and some of the local restaurants in town have local calamari on offer. Situated about 90km from Port Elizabeth between Jeffreys BayParadise Beach and Cape St Francis you will also find the world famous surf break Bruce’s Beauties which can be viewed from various self catering units in Santareme, this surfing spot is one of the surfing worlds best known breaks and was featured in the sixties cult film the Endless Summer.

Holiday makers and tourists fortunate enough to stay in St Francis Bay Budget Family Holiday Accommodation will certainly be aware to the extraordinary sunsets on sunset rock near the Cape St Francis lighthouse whilst the following morning invigorating sunrises can be seen from main beach in St Francis, making this area extremely rare where both sunsets and sunrises over the Indian Ocean can be viewed in the same are. Cape St Francis also home to the famous Irma Booysens nature reserve whilst the Canals in St Francis allow access to the Kromme River mouth and Paradise Beach.

Discover budget family accommodation in St Francis Bay and exclusive beach front accommodation in unique holiday destination just a few hours travel from Port Elizabeth which draws holiday makers travelling along the Garden Route. Enjoy the glorious canal accommodation, beaches, surfing and a leisurely holiday and the beauty of its unspoiled surroundings whilst finding affordable accommodation.

The great fishing spots along the navigable Kromme River flows down to an unique canal system. Upmarket white-walled homes and thatched roofs, offering holiday makers an budget and luxurious accommodation. The newly built marina gives way to Santaremme with its Mediterranean styled holiday homes crowned with terra cotta tiles. This are overlooks the famous surfing break and numerous self catering family house can be found at affordable holiday rates.

St Francis Bay Budget Family Holiday Accommodation

To the south lies the unspoilt village of Cape St Francis with its lighthouse and various Cape St Francis Resort accommodation options. The lighthouse was constructed in eighteen seventeen to warn ships of the dangerous surfing reefs that stretch more than a 1Km out to sea whilst Paradise Beach offers cheap surfing accommodation.

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